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Jeeves, Where Did I Put My Nail Gun?
beijingkids, May 2011
If my mother only knew of half the things Dad got us involved in; I’m fairly sure she wouldn’t approve of her children scouring through the local rubbish dump “Just in case we find any spare car doors.”
READ MORE: Download “Jeeves, Where Did I Put My Nail Gun?” (PDF 426KB)

Easter is Way Better Than Christmas
beijingkids, April 2011
Yes, Easter was special for us bush-dwellers. I miss the easy togetherness and gorging myself on cheap supermarket chocolate. I haven’t eaten an Easter egg in years – which is a shame because Easter egg chocolate tastes just so much better than normal chocolate. In fact, I think I’ll bring some Easter traditions back this year (sans playing in the dirt with my pants off).
READ MORE: Download “Easter is Way Better Than Christmas” (PDF 299KB)

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