This is what I normally look like: hunched over a computer

My name is Imogen Kandel and I adore coffee and books. During a five year stint in Beijing I was the managing editor of an expat magazine, occasional freelance writer, as well as the communications manager for a Chinese education service provider. A Melbourne girl, I returned to the Land of the Latte to read, write and be generally bookish. These days you can find me marketing/assisting/admin-ing in the Melbourne Writers Festival bunker. You can follow me on Twitter but be warned: I do occasionally post photos of my dinner.

This blog is a collection of my own short essays, interviews and everything in between. If you’d like to reproduce any of my blogs, contact me via imogen dot kandel at gmail dot com to obtain my written permission. Otherwise, it’s just not cricket.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Your husband who cannot afford insulation says:

    Hahaha… insulation…we’ll never be able to afford this. I may one day be able to buy you a straw shack. Or some sort of shanty. Either way it will have an impenetrable twig fence.

  2. Will our little shanty have a herb garden? Or would we have to spend all of our money on the sturdy twig fence?

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